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Fannie Implementing New UCDP Appraisal Messaging

Implementation in November

Sept. 24, 2013

By Mortgage Daily staff

New real estate appraisal messages are being implemented in less than two months by the Federal National Mortgage Association.

The new proprietary appraisal messages are being implemented in the Uniform Collateral Data Portal, according to the secondary lender.

The new appraisal messages will expand upon existing Fannie Mae appraisal messaging to provide additional data validation and reasonableness checks.

The Washington, D.C.-based company disclosed the update Tuesday in the UCDP Fannie Mae Appraisal Messaging Release Notes.

The new messages are effective on Nov. 9.

"The new messages will be warning messages and will not prevent a 'successful' submission status in UCDP," the notice stated. "Directly integrated vendors will not have to make any additional changes to begin receiving these messages on Nov. 9."

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