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Paid Subscribers are Best Prospects

A recent story from the The Wall Street Journal indicated readers of subscription-only news content are more likely to respond to advertisers than those at free news sites.

The Journal made the comments in an article about advertising revenue at big newspapers.

The story noted that Dow Jones & Co., publisher of the Journal, reported higher ad revenue growth than other large newspapers.

"Dow Jones's business model is different from that of other publishers," the story said. "Much of the Journal's Web site is subscription-only, which reduces the amount of traffic but allows the Journal to charge higher advertising rates, because paying customers are thought to be more committed."

The story went on to say marketers are beginning to look beyond traditional journalism sites, realizing many news junk.

"Advertisers are getting less scared of blogs and newsgroups," one ad executive was quoted as saying.

"The biggest opportunity may simply be for newspapers and other Web properties to persuade more advertisers to put more money onto the Internet," the story concluded.

Record News Traffic

The country's newspapers reported record traffic at their Web sites.

More than 59 million people visited newspaper Web sites during the first quarter, according to the 2,000-member Newspaper Association of America. The figures were 5 percent better than the prior year.

Page views of nearly 3 billion jumped from 2006 and were the highest since tracking began in 2004, according to the report prepared by Nielsen/NetRatings. January page views of 3.1 billion were a record, as were March's 59.6 million unique visitors.

"The sites attract a younger, more affluent audience coveted by advertisers while providing a valuable service to readers seeking immediate information from a trusted local sour," NAA President and CEO John F. Sturm said in the statement. "Newspaper Web sites continue to grow audience."

Visitors spent an average of more than 45 minutes per month at the Web sites -- up 12 percent from a year earlier, the press release said. Average visits were 8.39.

Top Mortgage Industry News Stories

Based on analysis of traffic during past 30 days.
  1. First Source Closes

  2. Homefield Financial Closes

  3. Alterna Mortgage, Solutions Funding Inc. Close

  4. Loan Center of California Inc. Still Open

  5. The Mortgage Graveyard Launches

  6. Ameritrust Mortgage Company LLC Closes

  7. Earnings Devastated by Subprime

  8. WMC Fundings Free Fall

  9. Millennium Funding Group Abandons Recovery Plan

  10. Credit Suisse Buys Subprime Wholesaler Lime Financial Service

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