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Online News Audience Reaches Record

More than 59 million users visited newspaper Web sites during the second quarter, the Newspaper Association of America announced. The 7.7 percent increase from a year earlier pushed the figure to the highest level ever.

The report was prepared by Nielsen//NetRatings and reportedly represented a de-duplicated visitor total taken from its combined home and work panel of Internet users.

The number of online news pages viewed rose to 2.7 billion -- also a record, NAA said. That worked out to about 45 pages per user.

Among the three months analyzed during the quarter, May was the best, with a record 60 million visitors, the report indicated.

During the second quarter, newspaper Web sites were visited 1.4 billion times, with users spending 7.2 billion minutes browsing, the group reported.

"Users continue to increase the amount of time they spend on newspaper Web sites," the report said. "Engagement is an important factor that reflects the value of online news products, and the amount of time users spend enjoying a newspaper's digital content further establishes these sites as premier online destinations for a demanding and sophisticated audience."

Boosting Business in Tough Times

The mortgage industry has changed during the past year. But some companies have yet to make changes to their advertising campaigns.

When home prices were rapidly appreciating, subprime lenders were able to get by because borrowers, who saw their equity rise, were able to sell or refinance out of a loan they couldn't afford. However, as appreciation slipped and interest rates rose, subprime borrowers started defaulting.

The result was the collapse of several large mortgage companies, a reduction in the number of subprime wholesale lenders and a contraction in subprime programs.

At the same time, many conforming mortgage bankers have seen their originations soar.

For instance, U.S. Bank Home Mortgage reported second quarter volume was up 40 percent over the first quarter. First Horizon National Corp. announced a 29 percent increase while SunTrust Banks Inc. saw a gain of 22 percent. Chase Home Finance and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage also reported healthy gains.

So, while their may be fewer subprime wholesalers to market to, their are still plenty of originators doing more business.

Among the steps advertisers can take to improve their results are:
  1. Take advantage of lower ad prices. Big marketing budgets have diminished, and the result has been lower search engine keyword prices as well as lower publisher ad prices. Get more ads with the same dollars.

  2. Increase the benefit for your customers. Prospects may be tightening their own budgets -- and giving them more for their money only increases their incentive to buy from you.

  3. Analyze your prospects. While subprime wholesalers and mortgage brokers are down in numbers, prime lenders are still growing. It may be time to change your target market. In addition, younger managers -- who have grown comfortable with Internet innovations -- are beginning to replace older executives, who may have been more comfortable with tradition mediums. Are you building your brand with the new generation of mortgage executives?

  4. Update your ads. Try a new message and include information about how your product or service has improved.

  5. Advertise across multiple channels. Studies indicate that conversions are the result of seeing an ad campaign across a variety of publishers -- not just the last ad seen.

Top 10 Mortgage Industry News Stories

Based on analysis of MortgageDaily.com traffic during past 30 days.
  1. Premier Mortgage Funding Inc. files Bankruptcy.

  2. Heritage Plaza Mortgage Closes Down.

  3. Starpointe Mortgage Abruptly Closes.

  4. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Shutters Prime Wholesale Ops in 6 cities.

  5. $1 Billion Mortgage Fraud in CA.

  6. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Dumps Subprime Correspondents.

  7. Subprime Debacle Still Claiming Victims.

  8. Option One Warehouse Line Cut.

  9. CIT Dumping Mortgage Ops.

  10. No Subprime Recovery Until 2009.

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Alexa Internet Inc., a traffic ranking company and a subsidiary of Amazon.com, ranks MortgageDaily.com higher than any other online mortgage industry news publication.

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Mortgage Lead Provider Praises MortgageDaily.com Ads

A Colorado-based mortgage lead generation company says its advertising campaign at MortgageDaily.com is its best ever.

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Ad Campaign at MortgageDaily.com a "Huge Success"

After their first month of advertising at MortgageDaily.com, Bruce Appraisal, LLC has experienced a large increase in new clients.

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