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Web Use Dominated by Content

Internet users spend nearly half of their time online at content sites, the Online Publishers Association reported this week. The findings were based on a four-year analysis of the group's Internet Activity Index conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings which measures monthly time spent with e-commerce, communications, content and search.

"For the last four years, the IAI has identified important trends in Web use and added to our understanding of consumer engagement online," the statement said. "The 'Total Minutes' metric time spent helps to define engagement and serves as a valuable supplement to other key measures."

In 2003, OPA said 46 percent of online time was spent on communications. But the latest data indicate users now spend 47 percent of their at content sites -- up from 34 percent in 2003.

"The index indicates that, over the last four years, the primary role of the Internet has shifted from communications to content," OPA President Pam Horan said in the statement.

Search, which accounted for 3 percent of online time four years ago, now accounts for 5 percent, according to the data.

Horan explained that content has come to be the dominant online activity as traditionally offline activities, like reading news, migrate online. Faster Internet speeds, improvements in search and the sheer volume of available content have also contributed to more time spent on content.

She noted major news events help traffic spike -- and linger -- at quality content sites.

More Than Half of All Searches Done on Google

A recent report from Nielsen//NetRatings indicated more search queries are conducted on Google Search by Internet users than any other U.S. search engine.

The report, based on search activity during June, indicated 3.9 billion searches were done through Google -- more than the next nine search engines combined, according to the report. Google's share of total searches was 53 percent while its year-over-year growth was 46 percent.

Next was Yahoo! Search, with 1.5 billion searches and a 20 percent share, Nielsen said. MSN/Windows Live Search was No. 3 with 1.0 billion searches and a 13 percent share.

AOL Search followed, with 0.4 billion searches and a 6 percent share of overall queries, the report indicated. Search rounded out the top five spot with 0.2 billion searches and a share of 2 percent.

Spots six through 10 were held by My Web Search, My Way Search, BellSouth Search, Comcast Search and Search, the Internet marketing research firm reported.

Top 10 Mortgage Industry News Stories

Based on analysis of traffic during past 30 days.
  1. Alt-A Wholesaler Flick Mortgage Investors Inc. Exits

  2. The Mortgage Crisis of 2007 - Recent mortgage related mergers, acquisitions and other corporate activity

  3. Another Alt-A Operator Out - Mylor Financial ceases operations on Aug. 6

  4. Alt-A Programs Quickly Diminish

  5. Fieldstone Halts New Business

  6. American Home Pondering Liquidation

  7. Brokers May Lose Licenses

  8. Mortgage Employee Exodus

  9. Net Branch files Bankruptcy

  10. Hard Money Lender Acquires Subprime Operation

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