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Time to Redesign Ads for Mobile Web

Like it or not, your online advertisements are showing up on smaller and smaller screens.

In an interview with MediaPost, an executive for Third Screen Media, which was recently acquired by Time Warner AOL, said total mobile page impressions jumped to 780 million this year from 200 million last year.

And a study from Forrester Research projected that mobile marketing will grow to $2.8 billion by 2012

As more Internet users continue to access news and other online content through their wireless phones, iPhones and other handheld devices, many are viewing Web sites that were only designed for larger desktop and laptop screens on these tiny mobile screens.

While some digital publishers provide alternative pages that accommodate smaller screens, as MortgageDaily.com does through www.MobileMortgageNews.com, some of the portable devices enable their owners to access the publisher's traditional Web site -- including full size ad images that were not designed for the small screens.

So how should advertisers adapt?

First, ad images should include one large but simple message.

For instance, instead of filling the allotted ad space with text that is equally small throughout the entire ad, advertisements should include a larger, bold headline that conveys the essence of their offering. While subsequent dialogue may be too small to read on the smaller devices, the user will at least be presented with a single idea that may prompt him or her to click the ad.

The format is similar to that used by newspapers and many online news publications. Often, readers who see nothing but a big headline are still able to walk away understanding the type of event that is described below the headline in more detail.

Advertisers need to see their ads themselves on small screens to fully comprehend how their message is being seen by the mobile audience. In addition, they should view the ad on multiple types of devices, including wireless phones, PDAs and other commonly used screens.

Another consideration is the use of text ads in place of ad images.

Some mobile Web browsers enable the user to block all image files so that less time is required to pull up Web pages. By using text advertisements, which commonly include a bold headline followed by a brief paragraph with the advertiser's message, advertisers ensure their messages won't be blocked by the mobile technology. In addition, the user sees the message in the same format as the content it accompanies -- adding content value to the ad. Another benefit is that search engine spiders are able to read the ad, potentially boosting related search engine rankings.

Online Advertising Growth Continues at Torrid Pace

A report prepared by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers indicated revenue growth in Internet advertising showed no signs of abating during the first half of this year.

Almost $10 billion was spent by online advertisers during the first six months of 2007. according to the report. The figure represents a 26.4 percent increase from the first half of 1006 and an all-time record.

And if historical trends maintain this year, the second half should see another increase.

From the first quarter 2007 to the second quarter 2007, revenue was up 4 percent. Since 2002, 18 of 19 quarters have seen ad revenues increase.

"The torrid growth of interactive advertising revenue persists," IAB's CEO Randall Rothenberg said in the study.

Another report from Forrester Research, Inc. projected interactive marketing spending will reach $61 billion annually by 2012 -- triple the current level. That study was based on a survey of 344 interactive marketing professionals.

"As firms continue to make customer centricity a higher priority, they will recognize that maintaining separate marketing teams to manage different sets of channels that all target the same customers makes no sense," Forrester Research Analyst Shar VanBoskirk said in the statement. "Over the next five years, we see interactive technologies gradually infiltrating all media -- including such traditional paragons as television, billboards, and direct mail -- and the concept of a separate interactive marketing organization will disappear."

Second quarter 2007 display-related advertising, which includes static or hyper linked display ads, rich media, broadband video and sponsorship, increased 31 percent from a year earlier, the IAB study said. For the entire first half, revenues from display ads were up 33 percent.

Forrester projected display ads will increase to $14 billion within five years.

Lead generation ads , priced on a cost per action, saw a 44 percent increase during just the second quarter from 2006 while first half revenues were up 35 percent from the prior year.

Online advertising by financial services represented 15 percent of total 2007 spending. Financial services include commercial banks, credit agencies, personal credit institutions, consumer finance companies, loan companies, business credit institutions, credit card agencies and investment bankers.

"These changes will not only affect the budget structure of marketing organizations, but it will also give interactive marketing professionals a more legitimate seat at the marketing table," Forrester's VanBoskirk concluded, "In fact, with interactive marketing gaining executive visibility as much for its popularity with young consumers as for its measurability and cost effectiveness, we see a class of marketers emerging who will involve themselves with a few high-profile interactive experiments in order to catapult themselves into the CMO seat."

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