Another Wholesaler Closes Down
Another subprime wholesaler is calling it quits -- leaving employees in seven states without a job.

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Biggest April Mortgage Industry News
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Fraud Queen Found & Arrested
Half of the most notorious couple in mortgage lending has been caught.
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Calif. Company Calls it Quits
A nonprime wholesale mortgage lender is shutting down.

Biggest Mortgage Lenders

Several of the biggest companies in the country own substantial mortgage operations. But the mortgage lender with the largest parent is on the verge of going it alone.

Investors Force Mortgage Co. Into Bankruptcy
A family that invested $4 million in a mortgage brokerage firm that finances nontraditional loans has forced the firm into bankruptcy amid allegations of a Ponzi scheme.

Unlicensed Broker Keeps On Originating
For the third time since last month, the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance has banned a mortgage broker from the business.

Pair Arrested for Stealing Titles
Police in California recently ended a six-month investigation with the arrest of the owners of two California mortgage companies. The men are accused of forging mortgage documents and notary seals to steal equity from homeowners.
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$8 Mil Missing from Bankrupt Mortgage Firm
A former baseball star is at the center of a criminal investigation at a bankrupt Southern California mortgage brokerage that is missing $8 million.

Countrywide is Biggest
A preliminary analysis of earnings data by indicates three lenders based on the West Coast were the biggest U.S. mortgage originators during the first quarter.

Branch Manager Monitored Bathroom
A branch manager for a Houston-based mortgage company was fired after a television monitor displaying the only employee bathroom was accidentally discovered in his office.
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Mortgage Industry News

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