Fraud King Caught
The most brazen outlaw in mortgage fraud has been arrested.
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Biggest Mortgage News in November
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Mortgage Fraud Lawsuit
A national mortgage lender has filed a lawsuit against six businesses and 28 individuals -- including several mortgage brokers and originators -- alleging that it has been the victim of a complex sting operation, causing the company to approve 19 loans that have all defaulted.
Armed & Dangerous
A former mortgage executive who is under indictment for selling the same loans multiple times on the secondary market escaped when federal agents tried to nab him.
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NovaStar Faces YSP Lawsuit
Allegations of undisclosed yield spread premiums paid to mortgage brokers have NovaStar Mortgage Inc. facing thousands of borrowers in a class action lawsuit.

The Mozilo Survey
The CEO of the nation's largest mortgage lender recently picked up his phone and began calling the company's pay-option borrowers.

Sources say ABN AMRO Holdings NV, the Dutch international banking firm, may be interested in selling its mortgage division and is accepting bids.

Expansion Creating 300 Jobs
In a massive expansion move, a California-based company has applied for mortgage licenses in 13 states and the District of Columbia and has already opened a Houston office.

Lead Company Closing
A mortgage lead company will soon close its doors -- a move that will affect about 130 employees.

Broker Originators Disadvantaged
Mortgage brokers seek a level playing field for all loan officers who originate exotic loans.

Broker Sued for Faxing Prospects
When mortgage broker Shelly Piaggio looked to generate mortgage leads in 2003 for her newly hired loan officers, she decided that contacting prospective borrowers via fax machine was the way to go.

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