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January's Most Popular Stories

Best Mortgage Employers
FORTUNE magazine released it's latest list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, and the highest ranking mortgage-related company pays its originators an average of $165,000 a year.
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Finally, Corporation Backs Loan Officers
Inc Magazine recognizes Global Home Loans & Finance as one of 500 fastest growing
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From Riches to Rags
A California mortgage broker who contributed $1 million to buy naming rights at a college sports complex and pledged money for a cancer center is now sitting in a jail cell facing charges in a multimillion dollar fraud scheme. Also accused in the case is a former escrow officer of a major title insurance company.
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Mortgage Employee Shoots Children, X-Wife, Self
Blame it on the refi meltdown. Blame it on the winter. Blame it on sheer coincidence.
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From Broker to Banker
Mortgage brokers across the country will soon have another wholesaler to fund their Alt-A and subprime loans.
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State Farm Mortgage
An 800-pound gorilla is entering the nation's mortgage market.
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Fraud Felon Helps Forestall Forgery
A major mortgage company service provider has partnered with a convicted felon.
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Ohio Fraud Network Costs Lenders $10 Million
Federal prosecutors in Ohio have received guilty pleas from two more participants in a mortgage fraud ring that cost lenders more than $10 million.
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How to Make the Perfect Marketing Plan
You do not need to be enlightened with the advantages of a diversified marketing plan if you have spent the past few years feasting on refinances and now are experiencing famine while you attempt to get a grip on the purchase market.
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Knowledge is Sales
The steps mortgage originators can take to improve sales have been used for centuries.
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Borrowers Sue Foreclosure Attorney, Lenders
A group of low income homeowners have banded with a community nonprofit group to take on a Louisiana law firm and a group of mortgage lenders in court.
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