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Non-Prime Wholesaler New Century Stands Out
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February's Most Popular Stories

Mortgage Debt Disappears
The nation's business community is warning of a rogue company operating a scheme that uses legal technicalities to help borrowers eliminate their mortgages. One of the independent agents promoting the program claims to have already shafted hundreds of lenders.
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Flat Fee Net Branching
In an effort to attract mortgage brokers to its company, one net branch operation charges only a flat monthly fee to its branches. But competitors have some cautionary comments about the concept.
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Fraud Funded Lavish Lifestyle
New Jersey authorities are trying to bust up a massive mortgage securities fraud ring accused of bilking more than 100 investors out of $42 million.
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Fraud Closes Mortgage Company!
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New Century Outlook Stuns Subprime Investors
Shares of subprime companies sank last week after New Century lowered its earnings outlook and warned that other players are operating below costs. And the market's reaction to the announcement is just a precursor of things to come, according to one investment publication.
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Most Admired Mortgage Companies
In FORTUNE magazine's latest list of America's Most Admired Companies, the parent of a mobile home loan lender ranked among the top 10, and within the mortgage services industry, Washington Mutual was dethroned by another thrift.
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Mortgage Investors Out $20 Million
Following the death of her husband, Gloria Morrison had the painstaking task of sorting through the financial details of the mortgage company he founded. But what she found led her to send the company into receivership.
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Mortgage Broker Gunned Down
Oakland mortgage broker Eric Ramon Baeza should be preparing to celebrate the birth of his first child. Instead, family and friends are mourning his murder.
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Mortgage Lead Frenzy
Several mortgage lead providers have inked deals that they hope will increase their supply of loan leads for originators.
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Prison Time Growing for Fraud Criminals
The government reports that the number of people who went to jail for mortgage fraud last year was at a three year high, and a healthy real estate market is only drawing more scrutiny to these crimes.
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Mortgage Broker Hires Hit Man
When Nicholas Coan was murdered in late January, it wouldn't have been a stretch for Kirkland, Wash., police to consider his mother a suspect.
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