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Most Popular April Articles

Originator Steals Mom-In-Law's House
In his role as a mortgage originator, Patrick Morrison's job was to help put people into properties.
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Pastor Indicted for Fraud
Three Massachusetts mortgage brokers have been arrested for mortgage fraud. But what makes this case interesting is that one of the brokers is pastor at his local Baptist church.
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Lender Sues Former Branch Manager
The one time head of the Texas Association of Mortgage Brokers is bankrupt and fighting a legal battle with one of the nation's biggest government wholesalers.
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New Subprime Mortgage Products Untested
The desire to originate more loans in a rising rate environment has resulted in the use of new subprime programs that have yet to be tested for performance.
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Overtime Lawsuits Overwhelm Industry
The industry is taking a pounding from a series of employee lawsuits alleging unpaid overtime. But employers argue that the overlapping of state and federal laws are fueling the claims.
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100% LTV on Stated Income Investor Properties
Loan-to-values up to 100% are now available on investor properties for stated income applicants, according to the West Coast wholesaler that provides the first and second mortgages.
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Mortgage Banker YSPs Attacked
In a new study, a homeowner watchdog group claims borrowers are unknowingly paying loan fees twice and says it is "astonishing" that mortgage bankers are exempted from yield spread premium disclosures.
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Roommate Kills Originator
A young loan officer's attempt to be successful at originating was tragically cut short by a recently-rehabilitated drug user's anger over exclusion from a trip planned with mortgage business associates.
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Alt-A Giants
Alt-A lending is hot, and some dominant players have emerged in the sector -- which is expected to grow this year even as other areas of lending slow down.
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Brokers Get Help Becoming Correspondents
A mortgage industry service provider is offering to help mortgage brokers make the transition to mortgage correspondents.
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