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Most Read May News

100% LTV With Low Score
A subprime wholesaler said brokers have been submitting record numbers of packages because of its new 100% loan-to-value program for borrowers with low credit scores.
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Countrywide Settles Massive OT Lawsuit
Preliminary approval has been granted by the Los Angeles County Superior court for the largest mortgage industry hour and wage lawsuit settlement in California -- against the nation's largest mortgage lender.
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Hard Money Wholesaler
A company formed last year will provide wholesale programs for borrowers regardless of their credit score.
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$1 Billion Originator Tells Success Secrets
Customer service, financial expertise and a prime location were among the factors that helped one Southern California mortgage broker exceed $1 billion in funded originations last year.
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Habits of Successful Salespeople
Highly successful salespeople share 25 sales habits, according to a sales training expert who has outlined his ideas in a book.
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Mortgage Employee Steals $1.5 Million From Employer
An employee in the mortgage department of a Chicago insurance company was able to dupe her employer for five years.
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FBI Wants Brokers' Help with Fraud
The Federal Bureau of Investigation wants mortgage brokers to do more to prevent fraud.
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Originator's Murder a Mystery
As a new mortgage loan officer, Jesus "Speedy" Diaz hoped to turn his life around. But he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
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X-Lover Brutally Slays Originator
Stephanie Frey and Emily Vaughn felt like they were learning the mortgage lending business from one of the best.
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Borrower Rescinds HOEPA Loan 1.5 yrs After Closing
A federal judge has ruled on a Washington, D.C., woman's attempt to rescind her high cost loan a year and a half after closing.
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