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Biggest Mortgage News in June

Ameriquest AEs Plead Guilty to Fraud
It sounded like an investment that couldn't lose.
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Leading subprime lender ABN AMRO Mortgage Inc. is throwing around some tough accusations in a federal racketeering lawsuit filed in against 17 people and businesses in Kansas City.
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Judgment Could Cost New Century Millions
A civil verdict awarded by a jury against the former chief information officer of an Orange County, Calif., lender may end up costing New Century Mortgage Corp. more than $11 million.
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Ameriquest CEO Exits
Ameriquest Mortgage has a new chief executive officer.
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Best Small Mortgage Companies
Despite the lack of mortgage originators, several companies that offer solutions and services to the industry made a recent ranking of The 100 Best Small Companies.
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Sales Insights at
During any successful sales career you will invariably be face-to-face with the head honchos of huge corporations, that could very well leave you reaching for the right words to say.
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Mortgage Fraud Analysis: Part II
Mortgage fraud continues to grow, according to the latest FBI statistics, and usually involves an industry insider. In this second part of an exclusive three-part series, the different types of fraud and the players are examined.
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Payment Shock a Concern w/Option-ARMs
The recent growth of option adjustable rate mortgages has led one ratings agency to more closely scrutinize the increased risk associated with the greater payment shock inherent with these loans.
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Loan Officer Blamed for Millions in Losses
A former lending officer at an Atlanta-based bank is being blamed for millions of dollars in losses and the closing of a subsidiary.
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Lawsuits Contend Texas Home Equity ARMs Illegal
Separate class action complaints have been filed against two major subprime companies by Texas borrowers alleging their adjustable rate home equity mortgages are unlawful in the state.
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Ponzi Suspect Shoots Self
With his subprime mortgage company in disarray, millions of his investors' dollars missing and a pending investigation by state regulators, Robert Kurland must have felt there was no way out.
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Subprime Broker Among Recently Acquired Mortgage Cos
In the latest mergers and corporate transactions, mortgage fraud prevention has been given a new name.
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