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Biggest Mortgage News During October
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100+ FBI Agents Arrest Originators, Others
Federal prosecutors in Detroit have charged 20 people in an alleged $10 million mortgage fraud ring that was under investigation for more than two years.
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Richest Mortgage Moguls
The wealthiest person in the country associated with mortgage lending is also the world's second wealthiest person, according to the latest ranking of the richest people. One woman, as well as her husband, donned the list.
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Alcohol, Drugs Spark Brutal Mortgage Murder
It was a Saturday afternoon in upstate New York when a recently married mortgage broker decided to have a drink.
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Developing Realtor Leads
Mortgage originators can take some very specific steps to develop leads from real estate agents, according to a set of workbooks on the subject.
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Closing Ratio By Lead Company
A lead provider is claiming a recent survey indicated about 20% of the leads its sells close within a year. But an earlier version of the survey done for a competitor by the same research firm showed a much higher closing ratio.
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Mortgage Lead Resources
Loan leads for originators, brokers and loan officers. News about lead companies
that provide mortgage leads. Stories about mortgage lead generation techniques.
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Criminal Charges Filed in Massive Northwest Fraud Case
The comptroller of a once "high-flying" mortgage firm in Washington state that went under in a spectacular financial flame out is facing criminal charges and is among a group of former executives being sued by the federal government.
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Fraud News Stories
Loan originator, mortgage banker and broker criminal cases.
Real estate flipping cases.Appraisal fraud news. Indictments,
convictions and sentencings. Mortgage fraud prevention.

Brooklyn Broker Goes Banker & More
A Brooklyn mortgage broker, who originally launched his company from a spare bedroom, has made the successful conversion to mortgage banker and recently started a wholesale division.
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WaMu Expanding Subprime
Washington Mutual is making a deeper foray into the subprime lending business with a new conduit unit that will buy and securitize subprime mortgage loans.
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Secondary Marketing News
News about correspondent lending, secondary marketing and warehouse lending.

1003 Gets Facelift
HUD has revised the Uniform Residential Loan Application.
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TV News Reporter Exposes Unlicensed Broker
A North Carolina mortgage broker who lost his license more than a year ago is back in business, according to state regulators.
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News About Lending Licenses
License issues by state. Coverage of lending license revocations, broker licensing legislation and other licensing issues.

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