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");document.write("Bogus Impac Mortgage CEO Emails Sent to Consumers
Consumers have received emails from someone claiming to be the chief executive officer of Impac Mortgage Corp. and requesting money in order to receive a loan. But the messages are fraudulent.

Unsolicited emails have been sent using the name of Joseph R. Tomkinson, who is the CEO of Impac-parent Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc. But Tomkinson is not the actual sender of the message.

The email offers the recipient loans from the Irvine, California-based mortgage banking firm. But before a home loan is given, money is requested.

");document.write("Dozens of Mortgage Conferences Scheduled for Q1
Dozens of mortgage-related events scheduled for the first-three months of 2018 will cover a range of topics including secondary marketing, servicing and women in real estate finance.

During the first quarter of next year, a total of 30 mortgage-related events are listed on the Mortgage Daily Mortgage Industry Conference Calendar.

The calendar includes events by month, the venues for the events, the hosts and links to conference websites. Some are even linked to Mortgage Daily stories with even more details.

");document.write("Banks Among Firms Acquiring Mortgage Bankers
Several mortgage banking firms are being acquired, including two that are being picked up by banks. Two smaller Louisiana firms are merging, while a significant player is being purchased by another.

Shellpoint Partners LLC has agreed to be acquired by New Residential Investment Corp. for $190 million, a Nov. 29 statement said.

The acquisition of New York-based Shellpoint is expected to be completed in the first-half of next year. The deal is subject to settlements on mortgage servicing rights on approximately $8 billion in government-sponsored enterprise loans.

");document.write("Mortgage Vendor Search Engine Launched
A new search engine has been launched for people in the mortgage industry to find vendors that offer a variety of services to the sector.

Imagine typing in a key industry term and coming up with results that include a variety of mortgage service providers.

Well that dream has become a reality with a search engine that claims it encompasses the entire mortgage ecosystem.

");document.write("Tax Bill Progresses, Mortgage Deduction Compromise
An agreement on tax reform has been reached between House and Senate Republicans that includes a compromise on the mortgage interest deduction.

President Donald Trump said at a lunch with lawmakers Wednesday that House and Senate Republican leaders reached an agreement in principle on sweeping legislation overhauling the tax code.

This afternoon, the House will hold an open meeting of the House-Senate conference appointed to resolve differences between the House and Senate tax bills.

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