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");document.write("Heavy Lumber Costs Weigh Down Builder Confidence
After making a lackluster comeback last month and led by the South, home builders grew less confident this month. Hurting conditions are recent Trump administration tariffs on Canadian lumber.

A gauge for the current state of builder confidence, the Housing Market Index, was a seasonally adjusted 68 in June. An index in excess of 50 indicates that more builders view conditions as good than poor.

But while the index remains above 50, it was lower than 70 in May -- when it was was up for the first time in five months. The HMI stands two points above the downwardly revised level in June 2017.

");document.write("2 of Top 5 Latino LOs At Guild Mortgage
The latest list of the nation's top-producing Latino mortgage originators is out, and two of the five-biggest producers are loan officers at Guild Mortgage Co.

Among all of the 250 biggest Latino originators in the United States, mortgage production amounted to $7.39 billion during 2017.

Business among the top Latino originators retreated compared to 2016, when the group collectively generated $8.19 billion in loan originations.

");document.write("Escalation for Weekly Mortgage Market Index
Data that provides a peek into potential production came in strong this past week. Refinance business saw an improvement that was double that of purchase-money activity.

Compared to the prior seven-day period, the U.S. Mortgage Market Index from Mortgage Daily for the week ended June 15 increased 13 percent. No seasonal adjustments were made.

But the index, an indication of upcoming mortgage production based on average rate-lock volume by clients of OpenClose, decreased 16 percent versus the same-seven days last year.

");document.write("Ginnie Issuance Up But Jumbo Down, HMBS Plunges
While overall securitizations on behalf of the Government National Mortgage Association, made a monthly move up, jumbo issuance declined and reverse mortgage issuance sank.

The government-owned enterprise released data indicating that the unpaid principal balance of Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed securities was $1.9597 trillion as of May 31.

The total was comprised of $0.1125 trillion in multifamily pools and $1.8472 trillion in residential securities -- including $0.0556 trillion in jumbo MBS and $0.0562 trillion in home-equity conversion mortgage MBS.

");document.write("CMBS Performance Improvement Best Among CRE Types
Securitized mortgages saw the largest quarterly decrease in delinquency among a variety of investor types for commercial real estate loans.

As of the first quarter of this year, delinquency of at least 30 days on loans included in commercial mortgage-backed securities was 3.93 percent.

That turned out to be a 15-basis-point improvement when compared to the previous three-month period and a 52-basis-point drop versus the same period last year.

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