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RSS Feeds: MortgageDaily.com News and Information to Your Desktop

MortgageDaily.com news and information is available through RSS feeds, which use a technology called XML to deliver headlines and summaries to your desktop or Web browser. RSS feeds are different from podcasts; they do not contain audio.

If you click an RSS link but do not have a compatible reader installed, you will see XML code in your browser. To view the headlines, paste the feed address into an RSS news reader (see the list of compatible readers below), or use a browser which supports RSS feeds. Viewing of these feeds is subject to MortgageDaily.com's RSS terms of use.

How To Sign Up For MortgageDaily.com News Feeds

Follow the instructions of your RSS news reader
and use the URL http://www.MortgageDaily.com/Consumers/rss.xml

click this box for RSS code

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Use the following code:
(Webmasters: you may reset the variable width, currently set at 400)

<!-- Begin RSS News -->

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mortgagedaily.com/Consumers/rss-feed.asp?width=400">


<a href="http://www.mortgagedaily.com">Mortgage News by MortgageDaily.com</a>

<!-- End RSS News -->

Terms and Conditions for Use of the MortgageDaily.com RSS Feeds

MortgageDaily.com's RSS feeds are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All rights in and to MortgageDaily.com's RSS feeds, including the content and technology included therein, are reserved to MortgageDaily.com. MortgageDaily.com's RSS feeds are available for personal and commercial use. You may display the headlines, active links and other information contained in the RSS feeds (the "RSS feed content") on your personal or business Web site and otherwise use the MortgageDaily.com RSS feeds for personal and commercial purposes, provided that:

  • (a) you do not modify or delete any of the RSS feed content;
  • (b) you do not redistribute the RSS feeds;
  • (c) you do not post MortgageDaily.com audio files or full-text stories other than as included in the RSS feed;
  • (d) the links redirect the user to the MortgageDaily.com Web sites when the user clicks on them;
  • (e) the use or display does not suggest that MortgageDaily.com promotes or endorses any third party causes, ideas, Web sites, products or services.

If you display the RSS feed content publicly, including on your website, you must provide attribution to MortgageDaily.com adjacent to the RSS feed content, by including "MortgageDaily.com News Headlines" in text or by displaying the MortgageDaily.com logo contained in the RSS feed, without modification. Any other use of MortgageDaily.com's trademarks, or service marks, or of the RSS feeds requires the prior written permission of MortgageDaily.com. For permission requests, please visit MortgageDaily.com's ad page. MortgageDaily.com reserves the right to discontinue providing RSS feeds and to require that you cease accessing or using the MortgageDaily.com RSS feeds, RSS feed content, and MortgageDaily.com logo at any time for any reason. Please see MortgageDaily.com's Terms of Use for more information before you use our RSS feeds. By using the MortgageDaily.com RSS feeds, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth above, as well as those in our Terms of Use.These terms and conditions only apply to MortgageDaily.com national news feeds. Each station may have a separate Terms of Use for its feed. Please contact the station to learn more.



What is RSS?
RSS, sometimes known as Really Simple Syndication, is a popular means of sharing content (such as news headlines) without requiring readers to constantly visit a Web site to see what's new. RSS feeds contain headlines and hyperlinks to longer articles or Web pages. MortgageDaily.com's feeds are free of charge.

How can I receive RSS feeds?
Desktop software applications known as news readers or aggregators can collect, update and display RSS feeds from a wide variety of sources. A number of news readers are available for you to download, many at no cost. Other versions are Web and browser-based. News readers vary slightly in how they look and act, so you may find yourself testing several before settling on one. Google lists a number of news aggregators, none of which are associated with MortgageDaily.com, that you can download and test in this List of News Aggregators.

What RSS feeds are available from MortgageDaily.com?
MortgageDaily.com's RSS feed is based on content published to our main Web site and is updated continually.

Where can I get an RSS viewer?

Amphetadesk - Windows, Mac, Linux (open source); freeware

Awasu - Windows; free for personal use

Bloglines - Web-based news aggregator; free

FeedDemon - Windows; commercial software, trial available

Feedreader - Windows (open source); freeware

My Yahoo! - Web-based news aggregator; free

NetNewsWire - Mac OS X; commercial software, trial available

NewsFire - Mac OS X; commercial software, trial available

Rocket RSS Reader - Web-based RSS reader; free

RSS Reader - Windows; freeware


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