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What is Mortgageco.com?

MortgageCo is a private mortgage company focused on providing cutting edge mortgage information and expert advice. Our mission is to help people as they make the most important financial decisions of their lives.

Our experts are here for you no matter where you are in your financial journey. We provide quality advice for everyone from first time home buyers to retired people looking for the smartest ways to save. Our advanced calculators account for every detail so that you can feel great about your decision.

What we do here?

At MortgageCo , you can find resources on everything from the loan approval process to home loan education to refinancing your home. Our experts break down complicated financial processes so that you can clearly see which mortgage rates are best and which loan options match your needs. We can help you find out immediately which loans you qualify for and if you can refinance. Rest assured that your private information is protected at all times.

Our experts have been in the financial field for a very long time. They will help you make smart decisions based on years of experience. That’s why our clients turn to us when they need reliable financial guidance.

Regardless of your financial needs, MortgageCo is committed to helping you get the results that are best for you.

Founded in 1998 by 20-year mortgage industry veteran Sam Garcia, Mortgage Daily has become a leading online news publication for people in the mortgage business. Thousands of articles written by dozens of reporters chronicle the highs and lows of real estate finance.

In addition to insightful analysis, articles about important mortgage organizations and executives are regularly featured. Stories about mortgage brokers, financial regulators and other individuals associated with real estate finance are also included among the headlines.

Popular topics include mortgage litigation, mortgage compliance and mortgage mergers. Other interesting subjects are originations, employment and appraisals.

Mortgage industry statistics — some going back two decades — are maintained at Mortgage Daily. Tables rich with data are featured for mortgage originations, mortgage loans outstanding and delinquency. Other available statistics are available for mortgage-backed securities, mortgage employment and the number of mortgage firms.

Mortgage Daily’s affiliate publications include:

MortgageGraveyard.com — Chronicle of closed and acquired lenders.
MortgageChronicle.com — Free mortgage industry news.
MobileMortgageNews.com — Trade news for portable devices.
FraudBlogger.com — Chronicle of mortgage fraud crime cases.
CloserBlog.com — Stories about how to sell more.
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