Home Buying Map

Buying your first home is a big step in your life, and we are here to walk you through the process step-by-step. Follow this home-buying guide and be confident you are making the right choice along the way.
Buying Your First Home
Understanding Your Financial Health
How Much of a Home Can I Afford?
The Mortgage Pre-Approval Process Explained
Building Your Real Estate Dream Team
How to Get Approved for a Mortgage
Do I need to get pre-approved for a mortgage?
Know Your Credit Worthiness
What is a pre-approval versus a pre-qualification letter?
What type of mortgage is right for me?
How to Find a Mortgage Lender
What is a mortgage banker versus a mortgage broker?
Best Tips to find a mortgage lender online
What Are Some of the Fees Associated with Purchasing a Home?
How Much of Down Payment Do I Need?
Closing Costs and What You Need to Know
Should I Buy a $0 Down Home
What is an Appraisal Inspection Versus a Home Inspection?
Getting a Real Estate Agent
Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?
The Difference Between a Real Estate Agent Versus a Broker Versus a Realtor
Real Estate Agent Commission and Fees: What Are They and Who Pays?How To Pick the Right Real Estate Agent
The Search for Your New Home
How To Find a Home Online
What Are the Different Types of Houses?
What To Expect When Buying a Foreclosed House
Tips When Going To Open Houses
Making an Offer
Analyzing Comparable Homes Before Making an Offer
How to Make an Offer on a House
Tips for Negotiating the Price and Responding To a Counteroffer
How To Win a Bidding War on a House
What’s the Difference Between a Real Estate Contract Versus a Purchase Agreement?
Getting a Home Inspection and Appraisal
What to Expect During a Home Inspection
Understanding Your Home Inspection Report
The Benefits of a Home Appraisal
What Happens if the Home’s Appraised Value Is Less Than My Offer?
The Closing Process
Closing on a House: What to Expect and Closing Day Tips
What Is Homeowner’s Insurance and Title Insurance?
What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?
The Down Payment Versus Closing Costs: What’s the Difference?
Moving In
When Can I Move in and How Do I Get the Keys?
When Is My First Mortgage Payment Due?
How Are My Property Taxes Calculated and How Do I Pay?
Setting up the Utilities in My New House