Take possession of the property

This includes the buyer taking possession of the property and becoming responsible for all related expenses and responsibilities, such as property taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

Verify keys and access:

Verify that the keys to the property are in the possession of the buyer and that the buyer has access to all parts of the property, including any locks, gates, or entry systems.

Inspect the property:

Thoroughly inspect the property to ensure that it is in the condition that was agreed upon in the sales contract, and that all appliances, fixtures, and other items are in working order.

Notify utility companies:

Notify the relevant utility companies, such as the electricity, water, and gas providers, of the change of ownership and arrange for the transfer of services to the buyer’s name.

Review the homeowner's insurance:

Review the homeowner’s insurance policy and ensure that it is adequate to cover the property and its contents, and that it provides the necessary protection in case of damage, loss, or other unexpected events.

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