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Will Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hit limits on growth?
2nd & 5th largest U.S. companies’ huge size, rapid growth and concentration in single industry has brought concern about possible risk to U.S. economy
San Francicso Chronicle August 6

Freddie’s June Purchases Up 14.6%
Total portfolio stands at $1.24 trillion July 26

Fannie & Freddie Waive SEC Exemption
MBS not subject to SEC disclosures July 15

Build a portfolio with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
A look at the financial and political status of the GSE’s
Chicago Tribune June 25

You can earn a better loan rate

`Expanded Approval’ option on desktop underwriter & the `Timely Payment Rewards’ mortgage from Fannie & Freddie designed for subprime borrowers
The Chicago Tribune May 26

Questions on the Role of the Farmer Mac Board

Dissenting directors shown the door
The New York Times May 28

Mortgage groups arouse concern despite booming housing market

Fannie & Freddie hit with a wave of criticism in recent months, but still favored by Wall Street
Financial Times May 13

$151 Billion New Business Purchase Volume At Freddie
1st quarter GAAP net income $1.413 billion April 23

Federal Regulator to Review Fannie, Freddie Financial Disclosures

OFHEO has asked SEC to help analyze GSE’s voluntary disclosures
The Banking Channel April 9

Freddie Mac to take ‘mini-bulk’ from community lenders
New program would enable small regional banks to pool as little as $10 million of single-family mortgages April 2

Freddie Mac uses derivatives to manage portfolio risk
Company noted that if all of its over-the-counter derivatives defaulted simultaneously, the loss would amount to $69 million for 2001 April 1


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