Attachment A to MORTGAGEE LETTER 2006-10

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5 · 08 · 06

[Prepare on mortgagee’s letterhead and provide to borrower(s). Also provide cover letter explaining that they may wish to send the letter below to credit reporting agencies or other parties that will be considering extending credit to the borrower(s).]

To Whom It May Concern:

Our records indicate that _________________ was the mortgagor of record

of an FHA-insured mortgage held by ____________________ on the property

located at ______________________________. The FHA Case Number was

XXX-XXXXXX-XXX. The original principal balance on this mortgage was

$________, with an interest rate of XX%. The date of the first payment due on

the mortgage was ________, with a term of ______ months.

As a result of __(insert name of declared disaster), the property

securing this loan was seriously damaged or destroyed. The damage made

the home uninhabitable and it was not financially feasible to repair or rebuild

the dwelling. The borrower worked with the mortgage holder to obtain all

available hazard and flood insurance recoveries for application to the

mortgage debt, voluntarily conveyed title to the property to

________________________ on _________ and was granted a release from all

remaining financial obligations under the mortgage.

Due to the extreme circumstances resulting from (insert name of

declared disaster), both (insert name of mortgagee) and the Department of

Housing and Urban Development jointly request that any potential creditors

take notice of these circumstances when deciding whether to grant credit to

this borrower.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Mortgage Daily Staff


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