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Top mortgage producers will be on the move this year seeking mortgage companies that have the most to offer for their own originations. This group is concerned with potential employers’ strong leadership teams and capital positions.

Other factors that this elite group will consider include the value proposition being offered, the quality of loans and performance and “leading compare ratios.” They also want multiple investor channels.

That prediction came Tuesday from Hammerhouse LLC. The California-based firm, a Mortgage Daily advertiser, provides recruiting services for the mortgage industry with a focus on mortgage sales and leadership placement.

Originators won’t tolerate, however, deficiencies in loan execution because of the negative impact it will have on the lifetime value of borrowers.

Hammerhouse noted that as competition heats up for successful loan originators, lenders will invest more in programs and systems in order to be more attractive for prospective and current originators. Investments will be made in marketing platforms, presentation tools and proactive product enhancements. Firms will also reach into their pockets to improve business coaching and life planning as well as systems and systems integration

“The transition to a purchase-oriented business model that will last for decades will fundamentally alter the industry and the careers of the people in the business,” Hammerhouse Managing Director Drew Waterhouse said in the report. “Leadership in the lender ranks may change, but one thing will remain the same — it will take talented, skilled originators to acquire and close the loans.”

The report forecasted significant management changes among lenders as business shifts from a market dominated by refinances to a purchase-oriented environment.

Hammerhouse sees expansion ahead for well-capitalized organizations. That includes the expansion of existing offices and the entry into new markets. “High-quality” teams and individuals will be the target of these firms.

“But ‘high quality’ is a two-way requirement,” the report said. “Top, career originators will only choose to leave existing situations for lenders that can demonstrate a culture of integrity and secure finances.”

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