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10 · 03 · 11

A popular product and pricing engine has been expanded to include prospecting, processing and lead-qualification features.

Word of the expanded offering came Monday from Mortech Inc.

The Lincoln, Neb., technology provider said that its Marksman service has been expanded from just a product and pricing engine to a loan origination platform.

According to Mortech, a advertiser, Marksman now handles lead acquisition, prospect marketing and initial loan processing. The expanded features are available on a new Web site for Marksman.

Marksman reportedly supports activities before the point that traditional loan origination systems are employed.

“The loan officer’s true opportunity lies in forging that relationship with the prospective borrower long before the application hits the LOS,” Mortech Inc. President Don Kracl said in the news release.

In a separate statement, Kracl noted that Mortech currently has more than 10,000 users. He said that the expanded offering is the “industry’s first lending management platform.”

Marksman clients will begin logging to the new Web site as of Oct. 28.

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