A mortgage is an arrangement between you and a lender that enables you to borrow money to buy or refinance a house and provides the lender the right to seize the home if you fail to repay the loan.



Mortgages Process

The mortgage process includes several key stages: pre-approval, appraisal, application, and closing. Pre-approval is a preliminary assessment of creditworthiness and income by the lender. Appraisal is when a licensed professional assesses the value of the property. Application is when a formal loan application is submitted and reviewed by the lender. Closing is when the loan funds are disbursed and the borrower takes ownership of the property. It is important to seek guidance from a loan officer and real estate agent to navigate through the process successfully.

Mortgages Types

A mortgage is a formal contract between you and a lender that lets you borrow money to buy or refinance a property. Prior to entering into this arrangement, it is important to explore the various mortgage choices available to you.

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Mortgages Rates

A mortgage rate, sometimes known as an interest rate, is a part of the cost to borrow money from a lender. You pay the interest on your loan as part of your monthly mortgage payment and the amount you pay in interest is determined by your interest rate.

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Mortgages Lenders

A mortgage lender is a bank or business that supplies borrowers with home loans. A mortgage lender offers the financing necessary to purchase a property. Each month, you make payments toward the sum of your loan plus interest.

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