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Published On: June 1, 2005
Allied Originator Impersonates Elvis

Marty Silverberg woos agents and gets business

June 1, 2005


A Florida originator uses identity fraud to entertain real estate agents. But ‘Suspicious Minds’ needn’t get ‘all shook up’ because this gig is legal and generating loans.

Marty Silverberg loves the mortgage business. In fact, the last two years he has spent working at Hollywood, Fla.-based Allied Home Mortgage Capital he equates to as “having died and gone to heaven.” Well, some might say he has been reincarnated as the King. Elvis, that is.

For one man, branding himself as a loan originator couldn’t be any more exciting or rewarding. He has taken his hobby of impersonating Elvis Presley and made it his calling card for Realtors and clients in the southern Florida community.

“I surprise the hell out of people,” he said. His next luncheon with a group of Realtors is going to be “a little less conversation” and “a lot more action” as he will be entering the building as Elvis to entertain the crowd instead of bore them with a sales pitch.

“Everything I do, I am doing for my business,” Silverberg explained to “People see me (perform) and I get calls and referrals.”

photo of Marty Silverberg
Marty Silverberg

Silverberg, 50, said his past gigs included the Women’s Real Estate Council and a Hollywood fundraising benefit that auctioned off dates with 20 eligible bachelors. Silverberg himself has been married for 20 years and has three children ages 8 to 18. But he said his Elvis days did originate when he was a bachelor in college.Dressed as Elvis at a campus Halloween party, he was beckoned up on stage by the band. After his performance he heard rumors in the crowd that he must have been lip-synching, that’s when he realized, “I guess I do sound like Elvis.”

Silverberg said over the years he began performing at the request of his relatives at various family functions and then recently took the opportunity to get his body into peak shape with intense workouts, which led to a first place win last month at a bodybuilding competition for men over 50. He said he has never been in better shape or felt healthier than he does now, and admitted it probably had to do with the fact that he was turning 50.

“Some guys buy red corvettes, some guys have affairs,” he laughed. “I guess this is my mid-life crisis.”

Of the 16 years he has spent in the mortgage business, Silverberg said the last two years with Allied have been the best. “Allied is the largest broker in the country,” he stated, “we have over 700 different lenders and endless programs, the support is there, and they leave you alone. It really is like you are running your own business.”

Paula Parisot is a freelance writer for In addition to 4 years’ journalism experience at other news publications, Paula has worked in the mortgage industry. Email Paula at: realitych[email protected]


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