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Software Alliance Protects Lenders From Fraud While Increasing Portfolio Values

Software Alliance Protects Lenders From Fraud While Increasing Portfolio ValuesEntyre and AppIntell Clamp Down On Fraud

ANN ARBOR, MI (April 3, 2002) — Entyre Doc Prep, Inc., a national leader in electronically prepared and delivered documents associated with mortgage closings, announced today an alliance with AppIntell, a recognized leader in fraud prevention systems. This alliance will allow users of Entyre’s mortgage closing document services the ability to screen their loan packages for predatory lending compliance and risk management prior to closing. This is a breakthrough technology for the mortgage industry. This joint product alliance allows lenders and brokers the opportunity to protect their loan packages from predatory lending, and from fraud. This minimizes the risk and maximizes the profits for any lender. The partnership of these two mortgage technology giants creates a safer environment for lenders, insurers and investors.

“We can now provide our clients with unprecedented protection against fraudulent or predatory mortgages,” says Joseph Nahra, Entyre’s VP of National Sales. “These products will improve the quality of loans that our clients originate which in turn increases the value of their loan portfolios.” Closing documents now prepared by Entyre will benefit from the technology of AppIntell. The information data is captured and run through AppIntell’s state-of-the-art Fraud Prevention Products, DISSCO (Data Integrity Search & SCOre), FRADAR (FRAud Desktop Appraisal Review) and their newest addition PREDPRO (PREDatory PROtection system). “With the help of Entyre our clients can now run fraud detection systems prior to closing. Early detection decreases origination costs expended on fraudulent loans that will end up a costly reject or an even more costly default or repurchase,” said AppIntell president Steve Halper. This new system will be on display at the MBA Trade show at Chicago’s Hyatt Regency on April 7-10.           

Since 1987, Entyre Doc Prep has prepared quality loan closing documents for brokers, bankers, correspondent lenders and investors nationwide resulting in satisfied customers that represent over $40 billion in mortgage loan closings. “We are constantly trying to bring new products and innovations to our customers, and we are very excited to team with a company as well respected as AppIntell,” said Entyre’s President Ken Burkhalter. “The best part is our customers will benefit the most.” Said AppIntell’s Halper who is equally excited about the collaboration, “Combining our unique software with Entyre’s extensive closing package capabilities, advanced technological connectivity options and impressive track record, clients can now make their packages virtually fraud proof, prior to closing, in as little as 20 seconds.”

The mortgage industry has now found an easy and cost effective way to comply with the ever-changing predatory lending laws. The combined use of Entyre’s and AppIntell’s software can eliminate the compliance headaches that have become a burden to many lenders. According to Halper, “Entyre’s leading-edge collaboration capability provides users of our software unprecedented protection against fraudulent mortgage applications.” For more information regarding Entyre Doc Prep visit or visit AppIntell at .SOURCE:
Entyre Doc Prep, Inc.

Brent Leder of Sepanek & Leder
for Entyre Doc Prep, Inc.

or Steve Halper of
636.300.2500 —

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