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Higher Conversion Leads

Higher Conversion Leads

Recent mortgage lead activity

December 17, 2007


photo of Coco Salazar
A number of lead companies are promising that their services help originators experience higher conversions. But one company is originating loans in addition to selling leads — bringing into question the quality of the leads it keeps versus those delivered to competing originators.

Intelli LEAD INCUBATION Solution is “far” exceeding mortgage marketers’ expectations in both response and conversion, creator Intellidyn Corp. announced. The automated communication platform establishes a personalized, multi-channel dialogue between marketers and loan prospects, from initial contact until a new loan relationship occurs. The platform first uncovers the potential borrower’s personal credit situation in order to deliver relevant advice and create a personalized dialogue to accelerate conversion.

“Our mortgage-marketing clients are reporting over 90-percent deliverability, with open rates above 20-percent,” Intellidyn President and Chief Executive Peter Harvey commented in the announcement. “Those ‘opens’ are resulting in application rates of one to two percent. But what’s most noteworthy is that these clients are seeing a conversion rate of approved applications-to-funded-loans at greater than 80 percent. says its mortgage leads get a 75 percent to 80 percent application ratio and a 10 percent to 15 percent closing ratio.

The company said it garners and screens leads from in-house mortgage Web sites that feed into its “Cherry pick system.” Clients create and modify filters to have leads that match their criteria delivered to their account. Users than Cherrypick leads from the pool to view their information before buying. Leads cost $25 each, with a price drop every 24 hours, and “no big min orders or long term contracts” apply. receives over 500 leads a day that are exclusive to its system and sell up to three times to its members, according to its Web site.

Lenders and broker partners in’s network can now receive leads for FHASecure loans through the recently launched FHA Secure Check, a program that helps borrowers determine if they are likely to qualify for refinancing under the Federal Housing Administration program. At FHA Secure Check, borrowers complete a simple form and receive an immediate assessment of their likely eligibility, along with refinancing quotes from lender and broker partners, announced.

LeadPoint said it created a new user interface to its lead exchange marketplace to enable mortgage brokers to maximize their return on investment from buying leads. With the new interface, LeadPoint account holders will see high-level statistics on the buyer homepage, such as how many leads a broker has bought, how many different lead types are currently being purchased and other account balance information. Brokers will also receive information on how long current funds are likely to last given historical buying patterns and the average lead prices in the marketplace.

“Within a matter of seconds a broker will be able to assess their current lead buying activities and make any necessary changes or additions,” LeadPoint said.

Meanwhile, ZipSearch! touts its re-launched Web site has features that will improve quality leads volume and lead conversion rates. Among the “client-friendly” features are distribution of leads in real time for an advantage over getting a list of leads at the end of the day or on a weekly basis; quality assurance architecture for filtered leads that produce “uncommonly high conversion rates,” as ZipSearch! scrubs hundreds of millions of consumer data profiles and performs an 18-point quality check; and a free lead management system.

In addition, originators can opt for ZipSpeak! , a pay-per-call service that connects them to prospects with immediate mortgage needs, according to ZipSearch!.

Commercial mortgage leads have been added to’s menu of services, according to an announcement today. The new offerings include commercial pre-construction, construction, and refinance leads.

“Over the last two fiscal quarters we’ve negotiated some truly unique relationships with international lenders, hedge funds, industry contact networks, and individual investors,” Chief Operating Officer Scott Olson said in the statement.

But the San Diego-based also competes with its customers — originating loans in addition to selling mortgage leads. Such a conflict of interest casts a shadow over the quality of the leads it sells since it would likely be economically motivated to keep the best leads.

“Marketing and lead generation has been our bread and butter since founding the company and we’re not turning away from that,” Olson added.


Coco Salazar is an associate editor and staff writer for

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