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TV News Reporter Turns Originator

TV News Reporter Turns Originator

Mike ‘Bogey’ Boguslawski was fired over CA gov comments

February 24, 2005




former consumer advocate reporter for CBS and NBC who was fired for his criticisms of California’s governor has become a loan originator on a mission to protect borrowers from corrupt lenders.

With his raspy voice and in-your-face-attitude, Mike Boguslawski — or “Bogey” as he is known — has entered the mortgage business vowing to keep the industry honest by becoming the biggest borrower advocate yet.

With a trademark on Bogey in your Corner and standout phrases like, “You can’t lose with Bogey in your corner” and “Don’t get ripped off! Hello? McFly, did you hear me?” Boguslawski has been heard and seen by millions around the country.

Bogey said even The Wall Street Journal has called him “the #1 Consumer Advocate in the country.”

After appearing on The Phil Donahue Show, Boguslawski said he received over 19,000 letters from people who were looking for assistance with consumer advocacy issues. And after reading messages from many consumers claiming to have been ripped off by the mortgage industry, he decided he wanted to do something.

He began checking out banks, lenders, and mortgage companies all across the country until he found one that would pass the “Bogey’s Corner” test of integrity — Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based American Benefit Mortgage.


photo of Mike Boguslawski
Mike Boguslawski

Bogey said he began his public relations position with American Benefit just eight weeks ago after receiving letters from dozens of mortgage companies vying for his representation. He said the company just “popped out” at him and he is prepared to add “loan officer” to his mile long resume that includes working for the government.“Hi, I’m Mike Boguslawski and I can save you up to 50% on your mortgage payment,” a recent American Benefit mailer reads.

Bogey told that he is not afraid to “get in your face” and has paid the price for it in the past. While working as a consumer advocate reporter for CBS in Los Angeles, Bogey addressed the issue of high gasoline taxes and publicly challenged the governor to solve the problem for the people.

“I had went to Gray Davis (then Governor) and said, ‘help the people, lower the tax and make a difference’,” Boguslawski explained. “Well, he wouldn’t and meanwhile the legislature was spending money left and right like drunken sailors.”

Shortly thereafter, Bogey was let go, along with his boss (former CBS president) John Severino.

“I did my job too well,” Bogey added. “I just stepped on too many toes.”

He said he was asked if he would run for lieutenant governor on Schwarzenegger’s ticket but declined.

“I just love it here,” he said of American Benefit. “And right now my obligation is to Tim Bullard, I am helping more consumers because I am doing both jobs; if you have a complaint I can handle it and if you want a mortgage I can handle it.”

He said that American Benefit’s president and CEO Tim Bullard “puts people before a buck” and that is the kind of philosophy that Boguslawski has been fighting for his whole life.

“The mortgage industry should be proud that Bogey is in their industry,” he concluded. “They ought to be tickled pink. And anyone who knows me, knows damn well that I won’t put my name on anything dishonest.”

American Benefit says it is a full-service lender that employs 127 people at three branch offices in California. The company reports closing $650 million in home loans last year and is licensed in nine states.

Paula Parisot is a freelance writer for In addition to 4 years’ journalism experience at other news publications, Paula has worked in the mortgage industry. Email Paula at: [email protected]

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