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Last Updated Tuesday, September 11, 2001 08:15 PM CST

COFI Falls For 6th Consecutive Month
Monthly data from FHLB San Francisco August 1

Cop Kills Tuscon Mortgage Broker, Self
Jealousy over suspected affair led detective to murder suicide July 31

Refis Jump Again
Fixed rates dip July 30

Chase Sues Advanta
Chase said it sustained $67 million in damages as a result of Advanta’s alleged actions July 30

Pay down debt or make a down payment?
Housing expense ratio versus total expense ratio July 30

Consumer Lending Props Up Bank Profits
Mortgage lending business is expected to slow next year, particularly if interest and mortgage rates remain at current levels or ratchet up slightly July 29

Despite Bad Credit, There Are Ways to Take Over a Mortgage
Lenders are prohibited from enacting due-on-sale clause in several situations July 28

S&P Develops Jumbo Automated Underwriting
DACSS to utilize automated valuation models
click here for Technology section July 24

U.S. home price growth seen slowing
Freddie expects 2001 industry originations to be around $1.4 trillion Vs. MBA’s projection of a record $1.538 trillion July 24

Rates Fall, Refis Jump
Freddie Mac chief economist says rates may fall this week 
July 23

Credit Rescoring: How To Know if It’s for You
A look at situations that will benefit from rapid rescoring July 21

Subprime Borrowers Confused, Dissatisfied
Fannie study focusses on credit-impaired
click here for the Subprime Mortgage News section July 20

U.S. Mortgages And Rates
30-year versus 15-year July 20

Lenders tout home appraisals by computer
Human appraisers demur July 20

Washington Mutual SFR Production Up 159%
Correspondent volume soars July 18

Are Credit Scores Plummeting?
Sampling of FICO scores generated by a large independent credit reporting agency suggests that home mortgage applicants’ scores are slipping July 16

Refi Activity Tumbles 21%
Rates to continue unchanged July 16

Loan Brokers’ Fees Under Attack
NAMB general counsel says recent ruling could be fatal to industry if widely applied July 14

Bad FICO Mark? Rescore Your Credit
Service now offered by credit-reporting agencies allows loan officers to request a rescoring of applicants’ credit files at each credit repositories July 14

Realty Stocks Report
HOMS shares down $4.18 this week, other issues largely unchanged July 13

Falling Rates?
Wave of financial volatility rolling through developing world
could impact mortgage rates July 11

Mortgage Broker Pleads Guilty
Massachusetts man faces five years July 11

Are Mortgage Errors Increasing?
Patience needed to work out servicer problems July 10

Subprime Company Raises $277 million
Dominion divests Saxon per Consolidated merger requirement
click here for the subprime mortgage news page July 9

ARM’s Fall As Fixed Rates Rise
Rates may head down July 9

Realty stocks largely unchanged
Independence Day week a quiet one on Wall Street for realty stocks July 6

Appraisal Institute boycotted
Appraisers protest organization’s affiliation with the Appraisal Institute Residential Database July 03

Amresco Files For Bankruptcy
Company to sell noncash assets for $309 million to LLC whose principals include Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
click here for Commercial Mortgage News page July 3

COFI Falls
FHLB releases monthly data July 2

Loan Apps Edge Down, Rates Flat
Spread between 15-year & 30-year widens July 2

Fed cut may not lower mortgages
Mortgage rates are more closely tied to 10-year Treasury notes, which tend to be sensitive to expectations about inflation July 1

Research Is Key to Beating Yield-Spread Premiums
Borrowers should demand disclosure and explanations on fees June 30

No down payment?
Nehemiah Corp. is a nonprofit organization that uses 4% seller donation for FHA approved borrowers to receive 3% gift June 29

Credit Repair Promoter Jailed By Feds
Clifton W. Cross was sentenced to 49 months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $171,000 in restitution as part of a guilty plea June 27

Yield Spreads In Jeopardy
Class-action status granted in Irwin Mortgage case June 26

FDIC Nominee Meets With Senators
Senator Phil Gramm said that the First National Bank made a “dramatic comeback” under Donald Powell after being battered by late 80’s economic downturn, and called it “the Rock of Gibraltar of the Texas Panhandle” June 26

To Lock Or Not? How To Do It Right
Some lenders will delay loan application process past the lock-in period to end their commitment to make the loan June 26

Refis Tumble While Rates Improve Slightly
No changes on horizon June 25

Get your mortgage now
Economists say Fed actions unlikely to trigger lower mortgage interest rates June 25

Using mortgage for credit debt carries some risks
Cashouts are driving refinance mortgages June 24

Washington Mutual In Talks To Buy North American Parent
Dime Bancorp deal worth $5 billion June 22

Fed Watching LTV’s, Loan Size
Report covers bank loan quality June 21

Mortgage Profits Down In 2000
Mega lenders saw best profits June 21

LandSafe To Offer Credit Reports Directly To Consumers
Reports will be given on behalf of LandSafe lenders June 19

Refis Jump As Rates Edge Down
Southwest sees biggest rate drop June 18

Low Rates Predicted For Coming Year
Even if the Fed should cut short-term rates once again when it meets later this month, Fannie Mae economist doesn’t think long-term loan rates are going to move much June 18

Why are documentation requirements so complex?
A look at various alternatives to full-documentation loans June 18

Mortgage delinquencies show a sharp increase
Statistics for 2000 June 17

Financing takes imagination
Creative strategies for some mortgage situations June 17

Taking Back a Second Trust
In-depth discussion of seller financed second mortgages June 16

Jury Awards $71 Million Judgment
In Case Against Washington Mutual
Subsidiary accused of not disclosing insurance premiums included in loan renewals June 15

Mass. Broker Charged In Bank Fraud Case
Mortgage broker colluded with tax preparer to enable applicants to qualify June 15

Rental Status Impacts 2nd Home Loan Rate
A look at why terms are less favorable on investment properties June 15

Mortgages are giving economy lift
Fannie Mae chief economist forecasts $1.52 trillion in new mortgages this year June 14

California Seeks To Raise Conforming Loan Limit
Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and the Virgin Islands already at $412,500 June 13

Clogged mortgage pipeline
Interest rate reduction by Fed this summer if one is announced — could trigger another wave of refi apps June 13

Delinquencies Fall
MBA also reports that foreclosure starts edge up June 11

Purchases Jump As Refi’s Fall
Rates edge down but expected to remain unchanged June 11

The Ups And Downs Of Reverse Mortgages
The basics of reverse mortgage loans June 11

Ask the mortgage professor
How do I refinance without extending the term? June 11

What It Means When Your Loan Is Sold
Security issues facing consumers regarding sale of their mortgage loan June 11

Sigh of relief in mortgage market as prepays slow
While Refi’s are currently slowing, a prolonged downturn in the U.S. economy could bring mortgage rates back down to refuel refinancings June 11

Hybrid loan could beat advantages of a fixed rate
Current 5/1 ARM is 63 basis points better than 30-year fixed rate June 10

How Parents Can Become Lenders
Gifts Vs cosigning June 10

Retiring on a Reverse Plan
Mortgage Option Gaining in Favor as Population Ages June 9 plots come-back strategy
Interim CEO cites restructuring, new focus, $11 million in cash as strengths June 08

Government Applications Rise 6.77%
Mortgage rates expected to hold steady June 4

Sales Techniques For Realty Pros
Simple, but effective strategies for successful sales May 30

FiNet Chief Resigns
Company to restructure May 29

At Any Rate
Recent mortgage industry ratings actions May 25

Refis Tumble As Rates Climb Highest In West
ARM activity starting to sprout as rates expected to rise or remain unchanged May 25

Consolation Prize
Republican Senator’s defection could push down rates May 23

Minor Changes Yield Major Benefits With Debt Ratios
Some nontraditional ways to reduce debt ratios May 1

Mutual Action
Class action lawsuit filed against Washington Mutual subsidiary March 21

30 Year Rate At Eighteen Month Low
Freddie Mac Mortgage Market Survey for week ending December 8 December 7

How To Get Mortgage Leads Regardless Of Rates August 5


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