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The Ten Variables That Influence Your Mortgage Rate (And What to Do About Them)

Knowing the Variables That Influence Your Mortgage Rate Will Save You Money

Mortgage rates are broadcast on television and radio, and mortgage rate papers are available at real estate agencies.

When picking a lender, you can compare these offered rates, but it is doubtful they are actual.

This is because your mortgage rate is unique. To determine your eligible rate, you will need to compare tailored offers from lenders.

What Factors Impact Mortgage Rates?

Your mortgage rate is determined by your financial portfolio and the property you intend to purchase. But there’s more. Mortgage rates fluctuate because the U.S. housing market and the international economy influence them.

  • Economy: The state of the global economy dictates all interest rates, including mortgage rates.
  • Lender pipeline: The volume of business a lender is presently processing might influence their interest rates.
  • Location of the property: State rules might drive up or keep down lending charges.
  • Home use: Primary residence, vacation house, or leased property?
  • Property type: Single-family, multi-family, condominium, mobile, co-op, etc.
  • Loan-to-value: Borrowing less (and making a larger down payment) results in a lower interest rate.
  • Credit score: Better credit results in a cheaper interest rate.
  • Loan features: Term, paperwork, rate modification, interest-only payments, etc.
  • Points:  Paying more upfront for “discount points” results in a reduced interest rate.
  • Loan amount: Extremely high or low loan amounts might result in higher interest rates.

If you have a low loan-to-value ratio and excellent credit, the lowest advertised mortgage rate will likely apply to you. All other parties will be subject to risk-based price modifications.

Obtaining a personalized mortgage quotation from a lender based on your unique borrower profile is the only way to determine your rate.

Mortgage Rates Constantly Fluctuate

A further obstacle you’ll face when looking for a mortgage is that a quotation you receive over the phone today may be invalid in 30 minutes.

Indeed, you may be one Presidential tweet away from a considerably better or worse rate since political changes can swiftly impact the economy.

Mortgage interest rates fluctuate every day. If your closing date is approaching, lock in a low-interest rate to avoid rate hikes.

Need proof? Within hours of President Trump’s tweet urging the Federal Reserve to reduce interest rates to zero or lower, interest rates plummeted. This implies that the rate given to you now may be lower or higher tomorrow.

If your closing date is approaching and you have a reasonable rate quotation, you should lock it in to prevent unforeseen increases.

Taking charge of mortgage rate elements

Numerous factors that affect mortgage rates are beyond your control. (Unless you are the president of the Federal Reserve or the president of the United States.)

The good news is that the variables you can directly influence have the greatest effect on your rate. The following are:

  • Type of property: When choosing between two properties, compare their respective financing costs.
  • Loan-to-value (LTV): A larger down payment increases your chances of loan approval, reduces your loan costs, and lowers your mortgage insurance premium (if applicable)
  • Credit score: It may be worthwhile to delay the purchase of a property to improve your FICO score and obtain a cheaper interest rate.
  • Loan features: Choosing a loan with a shorter fixed-rate period or a 15-year amortization instead of a 30-year duration will save you significant money.
  • Points: If you have extra funds, you may buy a reduced interest rate by paying more upfront.
  • Loan amount: Obtaining a conforming first mortgage with a purchase-money second mortgage may be preferable to obtain a more expensive jumbo house loan.

By knowing the controllable and uncontrollable aspects, you may obtain the best mortgage rate while purchasing or refinancing a house.

What Are the Mortgage Rates Today?

Current mortgage rates sit slightly below 4%, which is extraordinarily low compared to historical norms. However, property prices are rising throughout most of the United States.

To obtain a low-interest rate and make your property as inexpensive as possible, get many quotations from rival mortgage lenders and select the lowest offer.

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