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Published On: January 25, 2006
Pregnant Originator Survives Brutal Attack

Lacey Grizzard’s throat cut by boyfriend

January 25, 2006


The phone call is chilling.“I just slit my girlfriend’s throat,” a man says, his voice frantic as he begs for help. ” I tried to kill her.”

Zachary Parker, a south Florida man, made those comments to an emergency dispatcher after he admitted that he tried to kill his girlfriend, Lacey Grizzard, a 27-year-old mortgage loan officer who is four months pregnant.

“I’m sorry,” Parker says in a transcript of his 911 call that is posted on the Martin County Florida Sheriff’s Web site. “I thought she would send me to jail for running into her car. I can’t go to jail.”

Parker was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder, according to an arrest affidavit filed by the sheriff’s office. The affidavit is also posted on the department’s Web site.

Grizzard, who works for American Lending Services in Port St. Lucie, Fla., was attacked Nov. 29.

After spending six days in the hospital she was released. Her unborn child was not injured in the attack, authorities said.

Grizzard could not be reached to comment and calls to her employer were not returned.

The sheriff’s office said in the arrest report that the couple had been fighting in their Palm City home before the alleged attack. Parker was reportedly upset about Grizzard arriving home late the previous night.

During the argument police said Grizzard attempted to damage Parker’s surfboard. Parker became upset, got into his car and rammed it into Grizzard’s car before fleeing the scene.

About five minutes later Grizzard returned to apologize, but instead began arguing with Parker.

“He started an argument again … at which time he grabbed a knife and cut the victim’s throat,” according to the sheriff’s report. “He then, using the same knife, cut his own throat and subsequently called 911. When asked, the defendant admitted to cutting (Grizzard) and then cutting himself.”

photo of Zachary Parker
Zachary Parker mug shot
On the 911 tape Parker is heard talking to Grizzard as she lay bleeding on the floor of the couple’s home. As he talks, Grizzard can be heard crying and moaning in the background.

“Hold on baby, they’re coming,” he says on the tape. “Stay with me baby.”

Parker then pleads with the 911 operator to have an ambulance respond to the scene as soon as possible.

“She’s not doing good,” he said. “Please hurry!”

Parker has a history of domestic violence. He had been previously arrested for drug and weapons charges. A mug shot posted on the sheriff’s Web site shows that he had been treated for the self-inflicted stab wound to his neck.

listen to 911 call

Patrick Crowley is a feature journalist and blogger, and a reporter, blogger and columnist for The Cincinnati Enquirer. e-mail Patrick at: [email protected]

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