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New Century Takes Total Loss On LoanTrader Investment

What The HEL(OC)
Last week’s mortgage ratings actions October 31

Relief on Way from Predatory Lenders
Fannie Mae To Refinance Predatory Victims At Market Rates October 31

Illinois Rep’s Bill Would Expand Sect 32 To Purchases
Congressman calls for Treasuries plus 5% as trigger October 26

Super-Jumbo Loans Face Hard Times
Performance of high-LTV home-equity loans strained by current economy October 24

ACORN Blasts Household’s Education Plan
Consumer group calls efforts “like the sharks educating the fish on how to avoid being eaten!” October 23

Continental Shelf
Last week’s subprime mortgage industry ratings actions October 22

Your home is your piggy bank — use caution when raiding it
Home equity represents the largest portion of most Americans’ worth, far eclipsing other investments October 21

Hearing Set for Capital City Mortgage
Court Date Nears in Case Accusing Firm of Predatory Lending Practices October 15

Give Me Liberty Or Ratings
Last week’s subprime mortgage ratings actions October 8

Saxon Goes Public
Public offering to liquidate current shares October 8

Minorities See Most Of Subprime Growth
Acorn publishes report from HMDA data October 8

A new source, temptation: Home equity credit cards
CThirty-six percent of mortgage lenders offered home equity credit cards in 2000, up from 26 percent in 1999 October 7

Telling Tales
Florida mortgage firm accussed of fraud, sexual harrassment October 3

Trouble In Texas
Allied Mortgage defends use of name; Money Mortgage faces cash crunch October 3

New Rules Pushing Lenders To Curtail Business in D.C.
Option One, First Nationwide pulling out of capital; other lenders to suspend operations pending further discussions with D.C. banking officials October 3

Master Of Destinies
This week’s subprime mortgage ratings actions October 1

Explore reverse mortgage choices before acting
Compare FHA, Fannie Mae and Financial Freedom Plan reverse mortgage plans to select the best alternative September 30

Abandoning the field
Are laws banning ‘predatory’ lending spooking subprime lenders? September 27

Mobile Homes Increasingly Popular In Canada
Mobile Homes found in every province and territory in Canada, with British Columbia and Alberta accounting for half of these homes September 26

A ban on bamboozling
California’s ‘predatory’ lending legislation awaits governor’s signature September 25

Sub-prime lenders breaking the mold
Non-conforming lenders offer a needed option September 12

Delinquent Or Not? reports that Conseco is hiding bad loans September 11

Failed Bank Received Top Rating
OTS gave top rating to Superior Bank through much of the 1990s, despite high concentration of risky investments & concerns of other agency regulators September 11

More Subprime Thrifts Expected to Fail
According to the outgoing head of the Office of Thrift Supervision, others may soon fall
Mortgage September 10

Homeowners Should Think Carefully Before Taking Home Equity Loans
Homeowners should consider how they will use the money, the fine print, how much they will borrow, how they’ll pay it off, the possibility of higher interest rates and potential home value depreciation September 9

CitiGroup Settles With North Carolina For $20 Million
Associates-related settlement one of largest paid September 7

Triple ‘A’ Or Less
This week’s subprime mortgage ratings actions September 4

Popular Subprime Archive Stories

Number Of Suspended Citigroup Brokers Rises
More than half of correspondents also suspended August 31

A Practice That Lends Itself to Trouble
Superior’s Failure Spotlights Banks That Court High-Risk Borrowers August 21

Wamu Primed For More Subprime
Wamu originated $2 billion of these loans in the first quarter, or 5.9% of the loans made August 20

Reverse mortgage can help cash-poor, house-rich seniors
The basic requirements for a reverse mortgage are to be at least 62 years old and the occupant of your own home August 19

Meritage To Buy 15 Equicredit Branches
Bank of America exiting subprime August 15

PinnFund Fugitive Surrenders
Michael Fanghella surrenders to U.S. Marshals in San Diego August 2

Former PinnFund CEO Planned To Escape To Caribbean On
$1 million Yacht
Estranged wife obtained injunction preventing yacht from sailing May 14

PinnFund founder indicted on federal charges
Michael J. Fanghella is charged in a 20-count indictment with illegally transferring firm money overseas and deceiving HUD August 16

Despite Bad Credit, There Are Ways to Take Over a Mortgage
Federal law permits transfers — even with due-on-sale clauses — in the cases of a transfer to spouse or children, transfer to relative in case of death, & divorce July 28

New Century Takes Total Loss On LoanTrader Investment
$1.1 million charge taken in first quarter April 26

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