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Published On: August 14, 2008


Pricing, Credit and MISMORecent mortgage technology activity

August 14, 2008


An enhancement to one pricing engine exponentially improves the offering, the developer claims. In other technology news, a recent improvement to credit scoring brings authorized users back, while mortgage technology standards have taken a giant step forward.

PHH Mortgage will enhance its current pricing platform with MDA MindBox Inc.’s ARTOptimize, an announcement Tuesday said. The package includes a pricing decisioning engine and provides users with increased capabilities for managing pricing rules and policies without support from IT departments.

LoanSifter Prime version 2.0. has been released, a press release Tuesday said. The enhanced loan program search offering enables simultaneous product comparison with all combinations of product terms, doc types, AUS types, employment types and prepay options. The updated version provides “significantly more thoroughness to guidelines and pricing” with new optional search criteria including cashout amount and debt-to-income ratios.

“Each search in LoanSifter Prime 2.0 is the equivalent of 1,500 searches run in the previous release,” the statement said.

Fair Isaac Corp. recently announced that its scientists have discovered a way to restore legitimate authorized user credit accounts to the calculation of FICO 08 credit scores without enabling the artificial enhancement of credit scores through piggyback schemes. Fair Isaac estimates there are around 50 million consumers who legitimately utilize authorized user accounts.

Funding Suite’s Intelligent Credit Report helps loan originators interpret tradelines, detect data errors and predict underwriting conditions for prospective borrower, Cogent Road said last week. Step-by-step debt reduction plans for potential applicants during the initial meeting help loan officers build trust with their clients.

“The tool automatically loads the applicant’s current credit card debt and allows for the manual addition of any other debt,” Cogent Road said. “Once the originator enters in the amount of money the applicant would like to commit to the plan each month, the Debt Free Wizard calculates the fastest way to repay the balances.” is using Internap Network Services Corp.’s Managed Server Performance IP Networking and Security solutions to power its business expansion initiatives, an announcement Tuesday said. The Dallas-based company’s Web site is being re-launched using Internap’s hosting and network services.

ApproveIt Web Server has been authorized by Wells Fargo Funding for its correspondent lenders, Silanis Technology Inc. announced. ApproveIt facilitates the process of delivering disclosures and capturing signatures on origination paperwork online.

The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization Inc. finalized the second iteration of demonstration examples for the MISMO residential Version 3.0 architecture, the Mortgage Bankers Association announced last week.

“The conversion from Version 2.x to Version 3.0 will create a common architecture and logical model for the real estate finance industry and will promote a centralized view of the mortgage transaction process while providing explicit context and definitions,” the statement said. “Version 3.0 will encourage broader adoption of MISMO standards across the industry.”

Jaywing reached an agreement to deliver its smartdecisions product on a software-as-a-service basis through Provenir-provided software and infrastructure. Jaywing’s smartdecisions provides access for lenders to multiple data sources, including credit bureaus. It also offers analytics and decision rules to provide real time credit decisions through a single online client link.

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