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Published On: October 29, 2007


Improvements to Servicing Technology, SEO

Recent mortgage technology activity

October 29, 2007


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With servicers moving to the forefront of the mortgage industry, improvements to servicing technology are growing. Meanwhile, a public relations firm says mortgage companies and the vendors that serve them are doing a poor job at search engine optimization.

Depth Public Relations said its audit of the top mortgage technology providers’ Web sites revealed that most underutilize search engine marketing techniques, and those that do employ Google’s AdWords and other search term campaigns are not achieving their desired outcomes. The firm utilized analytics tools provided by Google to audit the key words visible through 15 top providers’ sites and found a significant disconnect when comparing a site’s keyword selection against the terms that are actually searched.

“For example, a mortgage lending technology vendor that has selected ‘enterprise lending solution’ as a keyword is likely disappointed by its Internet search results, since only a negligible number of searches are ever conducted for that particular term — and those are very likely internal or competitor searches,” Depth said in an announcement. “In other words, lenders are not seeking LOS solutions on the Internet using that term.”

Depth indicated that vendors that dedicate some focus to properly utilizing search engine optimization and marketing will be better equipped to understand the relationship between keywords and real world searches that deliver prospects.

iDatix announced plans to provide paperless mortgage operations through its iSynergy Mortgage, a solution that streamlines end-to-end mortgage processing from loan origination and electronic delivery of mortgage files to the secondary market.’s has gained access to SharperLending LLC’s secure data from all three credit bureaus. The partnership enhances’s background, employment and tenant screening services by enabling delivery of a tri-merged credit report and bundling of credit data with other data elements to provide total scoring models, a news release indicated.

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’s document preparation solution was integrated into Ellie Mae’s Encompass Closer solution, a move that enables Encompass users to complete the entire closing process in one system. The combined technology should help in preparing and delivering compliant disclosure and closing package documents, and protect lenders from secondary market risks, the companies announced.

Users of Harland Financial Solutions’ GreatDocs print technology and compliant mortgage documents can access eLynx’s suite of electronic mortgage services. The partnership reportedly enables users to initiate electronic disclosures and incorporate electronic signatures, and electronically deliver loan documents to borrowers, partners and investors.

Among servicing technology innovations, ProVest said it partnered with LoyalDog Software to develop an interface that dramatically reduces reporting time for process servers, and, thereby, help default servicing industry participants manage volume more efficiently. The interface allows updates entered into LoyalDog’ system for managing day-to-day reporting including billing, accounting and case management, to automatically transfer to ProVest’s proprietary management system.

An interface will make it possible for users of Applied Business Software Inc.’s loan servicing software, The Mortgage Office, to request Reliable Trust Deed Services to start a foreclosure. Through integrated technology, pertinent data is electronically transmitted from the loan servicing module to RTDS and allows users to view the status through each stage of the foreclosure process.

In banking technology, RBC Centura Bank selected the My Vision X check scanner of Panini as one of the scanner options for its forthcoming Remote Deposit solution. The product will enable RBC’s business clients to capture deposit images and data to submit funds from a remote location, Panini announced.

TD Banknorth has opted for CheckFree Corp.’s solution to process its own official checks and to integrate it into its check and deposit reconciliation system. CheckFree said its solution will provide fraud and risk protection for TD by helping determine whether a check should be paid.

Wells Fargo & Co. added text banking to its mobile banking services, making it the first major U.S. financial services company to offer its consumer and small business customers both browser- and text-based account access via their mobile devices.

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