Mortgage Employees Among Victims in Saw VI

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10 · 28 · 09
Two mortgage employees were kidnapped, bound with lethal headgear and forced to perform self mutilation. Only one escaped alive.

That was how the movie Saw VI began.

After they woke from unconsciousness, their captor explained that the predatory lenders had become the prey.

Eddie, played by Marty Moreau, was an overweight white man. Simone, played by Tanedra Howard, was a young black woman.

Their dilemma: remove more flesh from themselves than the other or face death.

Eddie immediately began cutting flesh from the side of his abdomen, while Simone — after some hesitation — began severing her arm.

photo from Saw VI

Simone survived. Eddie expired.

The movie only got more gruesome after that.

The rest of the show focused on an insurance executive whose mission was to find reasons to deny medical claims — something he excelled at.

The movie is the sixth installment of a series where the main character, John “Jigsaw” Kramer, played by Tobin Bell, teaches his victims to appreciate life by facing death — only in the latest version he supervises the acts posthumously.

Saw VI was directed by Kevin Greutert.

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