Ginnie’ Fiscal YTD MBS Issuances Surpass $400 Bil

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8 · 11 · 17

A modest volume of monthly securitizations on behalf of the Government National Mortgage Association have pushed fiscal-year volume so far past $400 billion.

The government-owned corporation reported monthly operational data indicating that $1.8570 trillion of its mortgage-backed securities were outstanding as of July 1.

Washington-based Ginnie Mae’s book of business expanded from $1.8428 trillion one month earlier and $1.7058 trillion as of the same date last year.

MBS outstanding as of last month consisted of $0.1046 trillion in multifamily securities and $1.7524 trillion in residential MBS. The residential portion included $0.0498 trillion in jumbo MBS and $0.0550 trillion in home-equity conversion mortgage MBS.

MBS issuance during the most-recent month totaled $41.948 billion. Securitizations crept up from $41.526 billion in June but fell short of $47.338 billion in July 2016.

From Jan. 1, 2017, until July 31, MBS issuance amounted to $271.153 billion. Since starting its fiscal-year 2017 on Oct. 1, 2016, there have been $418.862 billion in MBS issued.

July 2017 issuances consisted of $1.437 billion in multifamily issuance and $40.511 billion in residential issuance — including $1.619 billion in jumbo MBS and $0.848 billion HMBS.


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