Ginnie MBS Issuance Surges to New Record

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10 · 07 · 16

Monthly loan securitizations on behalf of the Government National Mortgage Association soared to a new all-time high, with jumbo activity reaching a record high.

Issuance of Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed securities came to $54.639 billion during September — the biggest month on record for the government-owned corporation.

The findings, based on an analysis of monthly operational data reported by the Washington-based firm, indicate that there were $48.424 billion in prior-month issuance.

MBS issuance totaled $40.894 billion during September of last year.

During the first-three quarters of 2016, Ginnie Mae MBS issuance amounted to $378.442 billion. Since the beginning of fiscal-year 2016, there have been $487.971 billion in mortgages securitized.

Included in the $52.457 billion in residential MBS issuance during September 2016 were $0.836 billion in home-equity conversion mortgage MBS.

In addition, residential activity included $3.005 billion in jumbo mortgages — the most on record based on data back to September 2011.

Last month’s multifamily issuance added up to $2.182 billion.

The unpaid principal balance of Ginnie Mae MBS outstanding finished August 2016 at
$1.7130 trillion.

The book of business expanded from $1.7058 trillion one month earlier and $1.5956 trillion one year earlier.

Residential outstanding MBS of $1.6163 trillion as of the most-recent date included $0.0388 trillion jumbo MBS and $0.0547 trillion in HMBS.

Multifamily MBS outstanding made up the remaining $0.0967 trillion.


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