15-Month High for Ginnie’s HMBS Issuance

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Although overa1l issuance eased at the Government National Mortgage Association, issuance of reverse mortgage securities was the highest it’s been in 15 months.

As of Nov. 30,
there were $1.9036 trillion in outstanding mortgage-backed securities at Ginnie Mae, according to monthly operational data released Monday.

The Washington-based organization’s book of business continued to grow from $1.8941 trillion
one month earlier and $1.7506 trillion one year earlier.

Last month’s total consisted of $0.1077 trillion in multifamily pools and $1.7959 trillion in residential MBS.
The residential portion included $0.0533 trillion in jumbo MBS and $0.0550 trillion in home-equity conversion mortgage MBS.

The data indicate that $39.201 billion in MBS were issued on behalf of the government-owned corporation last month. Business declined from $40.140 billion during October and $48.949 billion in November 2016.

November 2017’s total was comprised of $1.467 billion in multifamily pools and $37.734 billion in residential securitizations. Jumbo activity contributed $1.761 billion to last month’s residential total, while HMBS made up $0.989 billion — the most HMBS issued since $0.996 billion was issued in August 2016.

Overall MBS issuance at Ginnie came to
$436.207 billion during the first-11 months of this year. Since its fiscal-year 2018 started on Oct. 1, 2017, issuance came to $79.341 billion.

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