Mortgage Service Providers Team Up With Google

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Two large mortgage service providers have teamed up with Google Inc. to generate business for their clients through a new service.

Alphabet Inc.-subsidiary Google has added mortgages to its
Google Compare services, a company blog posting Monday said.

The service, which is initially available in California, is intended to help consumers make confident, more informed financial decisions.

“Google Compare for mortgages provides a seamless, intuitive experience that connects lenders with borrowers online,” the Mountain View, California-based company said. “Whether you’re a national lender or one local to California, people searching for mortgages on their smartphone or desktop computer can now find you, along with a real-time, apples-to-apples comparison of rate quotes from other lenders — all in as little as a minute.”

Prospective borrowers can see ratings and reviews. By inputting relevant information, they receive a quote.

Partnering with Google is Charlotte, North Carolina-based LendingTree, which has launched an online integration with the search-engine behemoth.

“The choice and convenience offered to consumers is imperative when loan shopping online, and Google Compare makes the process even easier,” LendingTree Founder and Chief Executive Officer Doug Lebda said in a written statement. “Our expertise in providing an online rate table experience combined with our strong lender network gives LendingTree a distinct advantage when reaching potential borrowers through the online channel.”

Also partnering on Google is Zillow Group, which is
extending consumer access to its real-time mortgage rates and set of lender ratings and reviews.

“This integration further allows all lenders who use Zillow Group Mortgages for their marketing efforts to now reach audiences across Google and Zillow Group’s portfolio of consumer brands,” the Seattle-based company said in its own news release.

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