Mortgage QC Provider Hiring Dozens

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Increasing demand for its quality control products has a mortgage service provider expanding its staff by dozens of people.

The size of the staff at Atlanta-based The StoneHill Group has
grown by more than 30 percent during the past three months.

That works out to 30 new employees who have been brought on to work in the company’s home town and in Jacksonville, Florida.

In addition to its QC services, StoneHill says it provides
due diligence and mortgage fulfillment solutions for home lenders and financial institutions.

StoneHill Group Founder and President David Green noted in a news release that improving business at its clients, as well as recent regulatory changes, are driving the need for more staffing.

“The current lending environment has created an enormous demand for our services, especially quality control, loan fulfillment and MERS reviews,” Green said in the statement.

By the end of December, StoneHill plans to hire another 50 employees.

The new positions include 25 quality-assurance analysts, 15 quality-control administrators and 10 managers.

The new hires will be located in Atlanta and Jacksonville.

In addition, sales executives are being recruited.

Headcount at StoneHill currently stands at 128 people, including 110 in Atlanta and 18 in Jacksonville.

The statement said new office space is being sought on the West Coast.

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