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Mortgage News


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ARM Indices

Statistics Update Dec. 30
SOFR, LIBOR, and Treasury Yield rates have been updated for the week ended December 28.

GSE Issuance

Statistics Update Dec. 27
Fixed rate MBS issuance has been updated for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae.

ARM Indices

Statistics Update Dec. 20
SOFR, LIBOR, and Treasury Yield rates have been updated.

Mortgage Employment

Statistics Update Dec. 20
Non-bank mortgage jobs have been updated.

Subprime Share and Serious Delinquency

Statistics Update Dec. 20
The percentage of seriously delinquent mortgage loans, as well as the subprime share of originations has been updated for Q4 2018.


NewDay USA CEO Rob Posner Expects 10% Increase in 2019 Mortgage Loan Volume

Press Release April 16
Rob Posner, founder and CEO of NewDay USA, a national VA mortgage lender, announced a forecast for 10 percent growth in VA loan volume for 2019 over last year. He said NewDay USA’s total origination volume for this year is expected to reach $2.4 billion, compared to $2.2 billion in 2018.

There is No Such Thing as a Free House ...

By LUKASZ I. WOZNIAK and ROBERT FINLAY Wright, Finlay & Zak LLP | April 16
Over the past several years, those who service loans in the State of Washington(1) have seen a dramatic rise in the number of lawsuits in which delinquent borrowers seek to quiet title to their homes on the grounds that lenders are barred from foreclosing based on Washington’s six year statute of limitations.

Say, Where’s the Rest of the Duck?

By LoanLogics | Feb. 7
LoanLogics Chief Information Officer Terrell Cassada thinks it’s “very cool” how AI, machine learning, and process automation are being applied to point-of-sale systems and eClosing solutions. But he says the real value of these innovations lies elsewhere.

Value to Drive Borrower Engagement at Mortgage Lenders

By MIKE HARDWICK Churchill Mortgage | Dec. 20
The mortgage industry has fundamentally changed over the previous 10 years, particularly as we’ve shifted from a refinance-driven environment, to focus more on purchase originations.

Gov, Refis Jump as Mortgage Market Index Holds

Press Release Dec. 18
Although there was little week-over-week change in the U.S. Mortgage Market Index from Mortgage Daily, rate-term refinance share was wider than it's been in nearly a year, and FHA share was was at an eight-month high.