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Mortgage News


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ARM Indices

Statistics Update Dec. 30
SOFR, LIBOR, and Treasury Yield rates have been updated for the week ended December 28.

GSE Issuance

Statistics Update Dec. 27
Fixed rate MBS issuance has been updated for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae.

ARM Indices

Statistics Update Dec. 20
SOFR, LIBOR, and Treasury Yield rates have been updated.

Mortgage Employment

Statistics Update Dec. 20
Non-bank mortgage jobs have been updated.

Subprime Share and Serious Delinquency

Statistics Update Dec. 20
The percentage of seriously delinquent mortgage loans, as well as the subprime share of originations has been updated for Q4 2018.


Value to Drive Borrower Engagement at Mortgage Lenders

By MIKE HARDWICK Churchill Mortgage | Dec. 20
The mortgage industry has fundamentally changed over the previous 10 years, particularly as weíve shifted from a refinance-driven environment, to focus more on purchase originations. A number of lenders have built successful businesses around the last two decadeís historically low interest rates, and while rates will likely not increase dramatically in the coming year, the Fedís steady pace is projected to continue well into 2019 and beyond. This will put pressure on lenders to explore new opportunities and approaches to working with borrowers.

Gov, Refis Jump as Mortgage Market Index Holds

Press Release Dec. 18
Although there was little week-over-week change in the†U.S.†Mortgage Market Index†from†Mortgage Daily, rate-term refinance share was wider than it's been in nearly a year, and FHA share was was at an eight-month high.

NY Appellate Court Rules On Foreclosure De-Acceleration of Debt

The New York Appellate Division, Second Department, recently decided an issue of first impression concerning the evidence necessary to prove the de-acceleration of mortgage debt in a residential foreclosure action.1 The borrower commenced an action to cancel and discharge the mortgage and note pursuant to RPAPL 1501(4) on the basis that the statute of limitations for commencement of a foreclosure action had expired after a prior foreclosure action was dismissed. The bank moved to dismiss, arguing that a de-acceleration letter sent, prior to the expiration of the six-year statute of limitations period, revoked the prior acceleration of the debt. The Second Department reversed the trial courtís order granting the bankís motion to dismiss.

Creating a Positive Customer Experience

By ART CASTNER National General Lender Services | Dec. 14
Creating an optimal customer experience has become increasingly critical for mortgage servicers as each customerís business becomes harder to earn and retain. Most servicers outsource the complex process of homeowner insurance tracking and must ensure their insurance tracking and lender-placed insurance provider ("provider") represents them well. Servicers can evaluate how effective a provider will be invdelivering a positive customer experience by confirming that the providerís offerings contain certain key attributes.

Rowan Alum, Kevin Crichton of E Mortgage Management Presented as Guest Speaker During the "Coffee with an Entrepreneur" Event at Rowan University

Press Release Dec. 11
Cherry Hill, New Jersey -- (Dec. 11, 2018) Kevin Crichton, President and Chief Operating Officer of E Mortgage Management, LLC (EMM) recently presented as guest speaker during a "Coffee with an Entrepreneur" event held at Rowan University to over 35 students.