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Pricing Engines Gain Prominence


Pricing Engines Gain ProminenceRecent mortgage technology activity

August 5, 2008


As nonconforming wholesale lending programs diminish, technology that scours the few remaining programs is flourishing. Other recent mortgage technology activity includes advancements in origination systems and compliance services.

BytePro Version 3.0 has been released by Byte Software, an announcement last week said. The latest edition of the loan origination system includes a customizable dashboard, the new FHA loan transmittal form 92900-LT, a dozen new partner interfaces and enhanced validation rules. In addition, the updated version automatically calculates new upfront FHA risk-based premiums based on the credit score and loan-to-value ratio.

One of the three available editions of BytePro reportedly enables validation rules that enable administrators to ensure document information is complete and accurate prior to receipt by the applicant. The rules can either be in the form of warnings, which are allow the end-user to continue work, or errors, which require the user to resolve any problems before continuing.

Wipro Technologies has acquired Gallagher Financial Systems Inc., a statement from the company last week said. The combined company, Wipro Gallagher Solutions, provides a platform-based LOS known as NetOxygen that is utilized by 20 clients including US Bank, Wells Fargo and Chase.

RatePro, a new loan search service, integrates data from loan applicants’ credit reports with more than 150 loan programs from over 1,600 wholesale rate sheets, Informative Research announced. Loan searches yield results from more than 25 national wholesale lenders that include interest rates, yield-spread premiums and risk-based price adjustments. Fees are charged on a per-transaction basis, and there are no subscription fees.

“RatePro features custom search filters and a user-friendly display for comparing quotes between lenders and programs,” the statement said. “Users can easily view basic underwriting guidelines and pricing adjustments for each quote and links are provided to the source rate sheets for a more traditional view.”

California-based JMAC Lending has joined the database of wholesale lenders, a press release Thursday said. JMAC, which says it lends in 13 mostly Western states, promotes Alt-A products, FHA loans, conforming programs and non-conforming loans with FICOs down to 620.

SearchMyLoan says it searches in excess of 12,500 conventional, subprime and Alt-A loan programs utilizing more than 150 borrower attributes.

eConsent, which digitizes the initial disclosure process, was announced by MRG Document Technologies Monday. Prospective borrowers can consent to accept, view and acknowledge state and federal disclosures through an Internet browser.

Mavent Inc. reported last week that it obtained a U.S. patent for technology used for compliance with consumer credit regulation. The patent covers systems, software programs and methods of use for state and federal compliance auditing by mortgage originators.

Mavent said it analyzes electronic loan data to determine whether a loan complies with more than 300 mortgage-related consumer protection laws. The Irvine, Calif.-based firm, which claims it has performed more than 25 million compliance reviews, noted its clients include five of the 10 largest lenders and seven of the top 10 investors.

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