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Published On: January 5, 2021

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a House?

The short answer is, no.

But as a buyer, why would you want to turn down free representation? And someone that has sole fiduciary responsibilities to only you?

It costs you nothing to work with a real estate agent as a buyer. They are paid by the seller when the sale of the home is closed.

Real estate agents are state licensed professionals who coordinate real estate transactions between buyers and sellers.

4 Benefits of Using a Buyers Real Estate Agent

Think of your real estate agent as your quarterback. They are considered the leader of your real estate team and figure out what kind of coverage and defense is needed to ensure a smooth, successful home closing.

Benefits of working with a buyer’s broker are numerous.

Saves You Time and Money

There is no need to worry about doing your own paperwork. Real estate agents know the paperwork inside and out. They have complete state contracts and federal disclosures that are required to carry out a solid contractual agreement.

Purchase agreements are about 10-12 pages on average without the federal and local document requirements. And, forgetting this disclosure or to tick off the correct box can produce costly mistakes or worse, your substantial down payment amount.

They also are responsible for record keeping for 5 years after you have closed on the home, in the event something goes wrong with the purchase or litigation is necessary.

Multiple Listing Service Access

They have access to the multiple listing service (MLS). This is the largest database where home buyers and sellers come together. Through this, they match you with the perfect property quickly, and gives you access to homes you might miss seeing.

No piecemealing your search through multiple sites that are not updated or erroneous.

If you want a pool, they will only deliver properties to show that have pools. These listings are conveniently delivered directly into your mailbox.

Experience and Skills in Home Buying Negotiations

Real estate agents are expert negotiators. They pull “comps” to help you understand the price of recently sold homes most similar to the house you are thinking to buy. Agents guide you in making an educated offers and are unemotional detached negotiators.

They even negotiate any home inspection repair requests and additional terms.


Real estate agents know the ins and outs of every single player within the transaction. They help you avoid fraudulent or shady pitfalls; explains the process to you every step of the way; they protect you and your interests; have pricing expertise, and look out or explain trouble spots.

They Know and Understand the Market

These professionals know the neighborhoods, market place, and market trends. They have the experience to know if home is overpriced or a good deal, and if the neighborhood holds its value.

Network Access to Professionals

These professionals have an extensive network of referrals to any services you need before, during and after a transaction has closed.

No need to vet other real estate professionals on your own, such as home inspectors, mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys, title companies, insurance agents, handymen, cleaning services, etc. Just ask them for a referral!

It’s a Free Service

As mentioned before, it is the seller that pays your real estate buyer’s agent when the home closes. The best part is, they hold your hand from beginning until the close.

They are your liaison for communicating with the seller’s broker; title company or attorney; mortgage lender; and finalize all loose ends up to closing. Keeping you abreast of all communications and progress.

Real estate agents abide by a code of ethics to deal honestly with all parties. They have fiduciary responsibilities to you for confidentiality, care and due diligence, loyalty and obedience. And they can potentially keep you out of fair housing violations.

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